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Archery Skirmish

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What is Archery Skirmish®?

XFire Games Archery Skirmish®  would be best described as playing dodgeball… on steriods with Bows and Soft Tipped Arrows… so epic! Designed for ages 12 and up the intense game now known as Archery Skirmish is making its way through Brisbane into the veins of its biggest fans – find your inner Katniss or Green Arrow!

Archery Skirmish is the latest craze in the sports and entertainment industry lending itself to people who need to “feel” the true sense of a battle. This high adrenalin sport which helps encourage team work, hand/eye coordination, fitness and achievement!

Pricing and Availability

Open the tabs below. You will then be able to reserve your event date, request an invoice or make a payment. 

Party | Youth Packages (12yrs+)

This Hosted service can be used for a Party or Youth Events. These packages come FULLY LOADED with a “Legendary” Referee that comes along, sets up the equipment, runs the event and packs it all back down again.

Answers to your Questions…

Where can we play?

Primarily we are Mobile and provide the following options.

At you place – each sport requires different field sizes so be sure to check out the “What size field?“.

At a park – There are literally hundreds of parks to choose from across Brisbane. Parks that are usually quiet are best choice (you are required to let you local council know of your event).

Our Venue Partners  – We have options in Albion 4010 (indoors) and Joyner 4500 (indoor and outdoor options. We have to coordinate with them on their availability so please call or email first (in certain seasons there will be an additional venue hire cost associated).

Is it safe?
Unlike some other sports, the only safety equipment required to play is a facemask. The soft tips of Archery Skirmish® arrows are designed to be virtually pain-free, so won’t be too upsetting if you’re “tagged” with one – unless you don’t like losing!
What Age Groups?
Players must be over the age of 12, and a parent or guardian must sign a waiver for any minor(s). Players under the age of 16 must be supervised by a parent. Younger players interested in Archery-style play can try our HoverBall
What size field?
An Archery Skirmish® field is 24m long x 11m wide (about the same size as a tennis court). A 6m safe zone separates the two teams, who must stay in their own side of the field for the duration.
What type of equipment?

Our equipment is tailor made to suit our Archery game.  The 30 pound Bows pack just the right punch and the Arrows have been tried and tested to specifically suit our games. Players are not permitted to use there own personal bows or arrows.

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