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If you are organising an event or fundraising activity for types of youth groups such as Scouts, Brigades, Church, clubs or sports teams you have come to the right place. FYI – When booking with us you will recieve our Blue Cards, Insurance Certificate and Risk Assesments.

Your expereince with us matters, you are never just another job and to prove that these are the key features about our service we strive for excellence in:

Reliability | Quality | Safety

We understand that when booking services you have to be sure the Company you are engaging is one that will follow through.

You are in safe hands here…

 Important! we do book out so make sure you tentatively book a date as a early as you can.

If you cannot find an available date that you prefer please email us on the contact from below and will do our very best to get you what you want 😉

Pricing and Availability

Open the tabs below. You will then be able to reserve your event date, request an invoice or make a payment. 

Archery Skirmish (12 yrs+)
DIY Laser Skirmish
DIY HoverBall Archery
DIY Nerf Games
DIY Ultimate Activity
Hosted Laser Skirmish
Hosted HoverBall Archery
Hosted Nerf Games
Hosted Ultimate Activity

Frequently asked Questions…

 Open the tabs below for answers an links to more information on some topics.

What is DIY?

WHY? Our DIY services gives you more bang for your buck. Get all the best equipment for longer at a better price. 

HOW? Each pack includes an Easy To Use Guide which gives you all the knowledge you’ll need to run a successful event yourself.

DELIVERED? DIY packages have the equipment delivered to you and picked up again at the end.  We use a third party courier provider which means you must sign for the equipment and must be all packed-up and back in the bags provided by the time requested by us.

Some packs are hired for a full 24hrs, some at 12hrs and others at 6 hrs.

How much space do we need?

Each sport is slightly different size, its best to have a quick look at each sport under the Frequently asked Questions tabs however so short answer below.

Laser Tag, Nerf Games and HoverBall Archery require the smallest area (only 5m x 5m on average and up)

Team Building Games and the Ultimate Activity Pack require a little more space (when each activity is laid out) at 15m x 15m.

Archery Skirmish does nees a total of 30m x 60m (unless played on an enclosed tennis court or similar)

What is Hosted?

WHY? If you want a “no fuss” service… this is for you. We take care of the entire event for you and keep everyone active and entertained for the duration. These services are naturally shorter hire periods than the DIY versions.

Our Hosted service comes FULLY LOADED with a “Legendary” Referee that  sets up the equipment, runs the event and packs it all back down again.

Are these Safe?

Short answer is yes. We have safety rules that must be followed in each activity. 

All sports are safe 🙂 Each 5 years and older sport is designed with the “littlies” in mind. For example Nerf  Games has a pair of safety glasses for each Nerf Blaster. 

Archery Skirmish is for 12 yrs and older. There is a series of safety briefings that take place to ensure everyone leaves as beautiful as they arrived.

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