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The need for successful Team Building Activities.

There are many companies out here that have great Team Building activities however, very few will ask a very basic question before providing you a price. The question a simple in itself but is by can have a profound effect on the overall experience.

What are you looking to achieve?

As in what outcomes are you expecting from this experience?

For the ‘skim readers’ –

1. 4 best reasons for Team Building – Standard sessions, Tax deductions, Prepping for the Quarter or Project or increasing awareness around communication, leadership and other key areas.

2. How we do it well – the Team Build Pros – using our sports as physical examples combined with our accredited Business Coach we cover all bases, this is our Gamified Learning.


The Big Four Reasons

1, 2 and 3 are all part of our base model packages. 4. is a fully immersive experience with know expectations and criteria.

1. Standard Bonding Session

2. + Taxable Deductions

3. + Prepping for next Quarter/ Project

4. or all of the above + the need to improve awareness around Communication Skills, Leadership Development, Key Problem Solving and Resourcing.

Your Why… not ours.

Gamified Learning is the addition of Profiling Tools to our Standard Team Building Activities. The system works by gaining intelligence on each individual team member and producing reports on at Work Vs at Home behaviours.

Gamified Learning enhances our Team Building Activities.

If any of your ‘Big Four Reasons’ are 1 through 3, fantastic! Let’s get you loaded with pricing and availability by filling out the form or hitting the Team Building button below. If you believe your workplace can take team building activities to the next level with Gamified Learning please call Brendan directly on 0421 480 896 for a free consult.

Ellwood Out!

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