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Are you looking for cheap vacation care activities?

It turns out that you can get quality on a shoe string budget. We have changed part of our mission to be more ‘inclusive’ for both large and smaller centers across the Brisbane region. Cheap Vacation Care activities ‘r us’.

We saw that centers were missing out on our programs due to budget constraints, so we busted out the old school blackboard and went on a journey to find the best ways to cut our prices without compromise to quality.

For the ‘skim readers’ –

1. Our new pricing ranges from $300-$350 + travel (certain areas) for our activities –

2.  There are activities to now choose from – Laser Tag, HoverBall, Nerf Wars, Team Build Games Junior and the Ultimate Activity Pack.

3. All packages are now DIY and comes with printed ‘Easy to use Guides‘, FREE setup and verbal tuition upon delivery to a staff member.

Self- Discovery – For years we had been hesitant on providing “Do it Yourself” sports however, after watching many OSHC and ABV staff members jump in and help with our activities we became both curious and flexible.

The big question was could we articulate the “how to” side of our activities and hand our equipment over without fear of providing a less than satisfactory Incursion Program.

and so began experiments with quality cheap vacation care activities…

Proof was in the pudding

We learnt many things that season but it was two main areas that stood out.

1. The new pricing for the DIY range was greatly appreciated by both large and smaller centers – the larger ones were able to hire more activities from us and we met the budget constraint felt by the small centers.

2. Our Easy to Use Guides and the equipment handover tutorial exceeded expectations and made each activity a huge success… it really was that simple.

So to round things up here there are a few things you can do right now, share this post or fill out the form below for any type of questions you have. Or lastly click the Vacation Care button below head over to find our Activities, Pricing, Availability and more info. Remember that you can still have Quality and cheap vacation care activities, just give us a go.

Ellwood Out!

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