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Do we have enough room to play in our backyard?

This is easily the number one question we get asked most when it comes to Mobile Laser Tag (aka mobile Laser Skirmish).

Overview – For the ‘scim’ readers.

1. We do Laser Tag Games in the tiniest of backyards and always get great feedback from both the players & parents.

2.  Our parties can be some of the most cost effective ways to have any amazing event they’ll all remember.

3.  Utilising your everyday backyard makes for some awesome game play. We also come equipped with an inflatable battlefield for the ‘bare’ back yards.

4. It’s a great opportunity for some of the ‘big kids at heart’ to get involved. We have a lot of parents jump in and the kids really do love it.


And now for the full detailed version…

To date we have never “turned down” a backyard. We have made it our mission as a business to adapt and make use of all backyards – we don’t discriminate in fact we celebrate the diversity that backyards all across Brisbane has to offer! Long, short, wide, skinny, sloping, bare and bushy we accept them for who they are and how we can transform them into the ultimate backyard battlefields.

It is surprising how little spaces can bring so much excitement to the party, once it may have been a place that you occasionally saw Dad pushing the mower round has now become an area where carefully laid plans to “take the Base” are formed and played out.

You see beauty is in the eye of the beholder 😉

OK so what else can you tell us?

So lets be honest, having the party at your place does have it’s pros and cons and I’m sure if you’re also a parent reading this you can craft you own list here however I can elaborate on a few Pros speaking as both a parent of 3 and as a business operator.

 The ‘Yard’ – Taking everyday backyard items, add in some ingenious imagination and wha BAMM! You have a built in battlefield ready to go. The rain water tank is now longer a giant container for H2O, it’s now a Base Camp for briefing and Medics. The washing basket is not the thingy that magically makes clothes clean… no it’s now a location to get in some great cover fire. The little sister runs a decoy (no friendly fire troops) and distracts the other team long enough to capture their base….makes sense now right? You get it.

Cost Effectiveness – food for the guests (done right), entertainment (that’s us) and ease of access to all of home amenities makes for a great budget conscious experience. We have a range of sports that cater to different price points as well as both DIY and hosted parties as options.

Bridging the gap – I have personally been to a lot of parties where kids and adults are in the same facility and there is usually no interaction between kids and adults when it comes to activity time (wait is this really a pro? Hear me out). I’m a people watcher in general and notice how families interact  differently from when the arrive compared to how they leave with us.  At a home party people are more likely to ‘let the hair down’. Mum’s and Dad’s will pinch a tagger off the  table and join in for a quick game and I witness amazing things happen. You see the kids gain instant confidence, run a little faster, dodge a little more often. “Dad I so got you more that you got me”, “Mum where were you getting me from you’re sneaky” are types of things I hear regularly. I also see the high fiving and fist pumps more when the ‘big kids’ get involved – best part of the job for me.


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Ellwood out!

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