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Birth month statistics have been around in Australia for decades so we aren’t discovering anything new here. However when some basic math and some ‘thinking man statue’ posture is applied you will quite quickly reveal an uncanny coincidence. See, human behavior is mostly predictable and  by rights a great portion of this is a result of knowing dopamine is often to blame.

New Years celebrations for most families often times of reflection, let the hair down moments and a great unwind before the new year is upon us right? During these moments we either decide on new years resolutions or just play it by ear.

SO! why is it that October is the highest birth month in the calendar year? The math says it’s the 10 month of the year and the ‘thinking man statue’ says we are getting ‘busier’ than normal! Your heard correctly, and tie the two together the answers are simple. We are either wanting to increase the size of the family through resolution or we are simple increasing the size of the wine glass.

To help us settle this in-house debate, please tell us where your October baby came from below and go into the draw to win a birthday party to the value of $360.

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