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Archery Skirmish…the newest and fastest growing contact sport in its field and is set to launch right here in North Lakes mid-April! The new craze has set the Archery world on fire and will produce a new level of Pro athlete that may rival the paintball era.

Because of its compact nature in size, ‘spectator-ship’ puts the onlookers side by side with the Adrenalin filled Archers and opens the door to a glimpse of the action every player goes through.

Turning defence into attack all depends on the strategy taken by each team and the willingness to put the body on the line, it’s said that some players have already started to adapt movements from games like Assassin’s Creed and that catching an arrow mid flight is now a ‘thing’ for the everyday hero and not just reserved for Jacky Chan.

There will be a FREE introductory session at the new North Lakes location for everyone interested to learn the game rules and equipment – all league games will be played on Saturday Afternoon’s and all teams will have subs for those that cannot make it every week.

XFire Games’ Archery Skirmish is now taking registrations for individuals or teams of up to 8. From beginners to amateurs if you want in on this one of a kind heart pumping, exhilarating new sport register below (places are subject to availablity).

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